15 November 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

Sunday was such a wonderful day.  There was a chill in the air but the sun was out and shining brightly !  Robert and I dressed Elodie in her warmest handknits and set off for the flea market !   

The walk and tram ride there was wonderful !!  
The children's flea market however, wasn't as successful as we had hoped !!  The place was packed with ravenous mothers looking for things for their babies and/or toddlers !  Robert and I found no onesies for Elodie.  We did however find a wonderful warm and cozy fleece sack for Elodie to keep warm in while in her stroller !  We purchased it for 7€ (originally 40€) and it was in top condition.  I simply took it home, stuck it in the wash right away, on the hanger to dry and wahlah - ready for Elodie to wear ! 

After returning home, both Elodie and I were quite tired.  It's amazing how easily your body tires after you have a baby !!  I am still slowly gaining energy back and I try not to push myself too hard.  I make sure to take it slowly one day at a time; moving each day a little more than the last.  After Elodie and finished our nap together on the couch, I laid her on her cozy blanket and we played and relaxed together until the evening died down and it was time for all of us to go to sleep.
It was a wonderful Sunday just like most Sunday's are.  I cannot believe that tomorrow our little girl is two weeks old.  Time flies by much too quickly these days.  


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I giggled out loud when I saw her little limbs in the snuggli on Robert. HOW CUTE!!! I love her (and her Mama!)! Such a shame when you expect to find just what you need and it doesn't happen, but it sounds like you got an amazing deal! Wish you guys lived closer..

  2. oh, that last pic - she's SO adorable!

  3. looks like a wonderful outing!
    you look amazing for having just had a baby!
    and oh sweet eloise - she's just adorable!!

  4. I love these pictures :-) I thought I had commented before, but scrolling through again it's clear that I have not!

    Robert is really rocking that look - pretty snazzy (not being sarcastic). You look lovely as always, Motor. Seems like the two of you had a nice time on your excursion. Is the baby (childrens) flea market a regular thing?


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