20 February 2012

getting some knitting done-  I would like to knit a pretty little case for my new camera !  I am not sure if I will embroider it, work some cables into it, fair isle ??!! I think this one looks pretty cute.  But instead of crothet (like the one pictured below) I will be knitting one !
upacking - because Robert is gone a lot of the week, I have been unpacking everything on my own.  This is super hard with a newborn !  While I have the majority of our flat unpacked, we still have about 5 boxes of things (some of Elodie's things  and some craft supplies) that need to be unpacked.

taking oodles of pictures - I have only had my camera for four days and have already taken a couple hundred photographs and have filmed a bit of video footage as well !  I hope to keep my camera near me at all times and capture those special moments.  Aren't they all special though ??!  YES, but I hope to capture lots !
finishing Elodie's curtains - I am sewing curtains for Elodie's room.  I have them finished for the most part, but I just have to finish hemming the bottom.  After that,  then they will be completed and ready to hang up !
writing in Elodie's baby book - First of all, I need to FIND it.  After moving, I cannot find her baby book anywhere !!!  I still need to write in it for her 2nd month and this third month !!!  I have been keeping notes however of things that have happened for when I do finally find it in one of those boxes !

seeing friends - my friend Jeni is moving back to Ireland at the end of this month and I am super sad.  We have been friends all through our pregnancies and her little girl (Charlotte) is one and a half months younger than Elodie.  And so, we have been trying to spend lots of time together this month before she leaves.
walking - The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately.  The sun has been shining and the weather is in the low 30's.  I always carry Elodie in my baby björn when we go out to do something, but because she is getting so heavy I think we need to purchase a new carrier - and soon !  Any suggestions for a larger baby ??!

time with Robert - Robert and I really try to cherish all of the time we have together.  And so, I look forward to the evenings that he will be home with us.

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  1. Do you have a stroller? I would think that would be ideal for walking about. You will miss your friend, that's too bad! Do they have baby type community classes where you can meet other young moms? Good luck with your unpacking.


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