19 February 2012

Elodie's Favorite Spaces and Places

Mama's Lap - Elodie loves to sit up against my knees and look up at me.  I could sing a hundred songs to her while she is facing me like this and she would never get bored.  She ''goooo's and ooooo's'' the entire time I sing almost as if she is singing with me.  The way she 'sings' is much different than when she talks or yells.  It sounds very 'songlike'.  It's adorable !!!  
Her Playmat -   See that frog there.  Well, his name is fred and he is Elodie's absolute favorite stuffed animal.  She could gaze at him until late hours in the night.  She loves to suck on his toes and face !!  I can remember the first time she put his foot in her mouth.  She was in shock by the texture and made the sweetest face !!!  All three of these guys are her entertainment for the day.  They sing songs to her (it's really me, but she thinks it's them ;)) and she loves them !  So let me introduce these three to you:  Fred der Frosch (frog) whom you have already been introduced to, Steffi Spiegel (mirror), and Frank der Fisch (fish) !
The Changing Table - Elodie is always full of smiles when she gets her diaper changed.  We usually let her lay naked and without a diaper for a few minutes after changing each diaper.  I am sure she could stay this way for a very long time if allowed !  I think though, that we would have way too many accidents if we did this !  Don't get me wrong, leaving a baby naked for a few minutes makes it innevitable that we still have a few, but, they are all in good fun !  She enjoys it anyway !!!
The Bathroom - she also adores being in the bathroom.  I think it's because we give her a bath every evening and it's definitely her favorite part of the day.  But, she could be screaming and most times taking her into the bathroom does the trick.  I think it's a super calming environment for her and she has such great feelings when it comes to being in the bathroom. 
Oh, and the Suebali (her nickname; what I call her) just woke up.  And now she will be in her most favorite place.  My Arms.


  1. Such a beautiful baby :) And you look gorgeous for a mom <3

  2. Love the pics! You look like Amy in the last one. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, it's a beautiful day in MN!!

  3. Love love loving all the recent posts! Please don't stop! I can't get over how big she is! Does Germany do the whole percentile thing? I'm sure she's pretty high up if they do. What a nice healthy girl you have. Love the pictures of you two together. You both look so wonderful.

  4. I LOVE the pictures!!! You're so precious :-) such a perfect mama :) Makes me so sad to think this time last year I was over there...if only I could be there now for a visit!! Hope you're enjoying the new place - love you all <3 - Lindsay

  5. quite possibly the sweetest blog post ever!
    and i love that first photo - so perfect.

  6. you guys are SO completely adorable! it's clear that you are so in love with your little girl and it's just the sweetest to see that come through in the photos + stories you post. <3


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