18 February 2012


Before Elodie was born, we wanted to be a co-sleeping family.  In the beginning, we planned on partially co-sleeping by having a co-sleeping bed that latched onto our bed for her .  This didn't last long.  It was so much easier to lay her next to me in bed for nursing purposes and for Elodie's comfort.  She loves to sleep next to my body and loves to snuggle.  Many nights, I will wake up and her arm and legs will be wrapped around me.  It is the sweetest thing and I love that she loves to be so close.  She is a great sleeper and wakes up two or so times in the night to nurse and falls asleep following her nightly meals.

Waking up to my husband and sweet Elodie Sue is beyond perfect.
Co-sleeping works amazingly for us. We love to snuggle our little babe and have her close to us in the night.  Co-sleeping isn't for everyone, that's for sure. But it works perfectly for us.


  1. I spy a knitting book in pic #2 :) What sweet pics, who wouldn't want to snuggle? It looks like Robert and Elodie are taking turns singing a duet.

  2. Molly. She is seriously too cute for words! She is the perfect size and looks oh so cuddly! I'm so happy that co-sleeping works so well for your family. The way you described her being so close to you at night is exactly how it was with Axel. I still get snuggles from him but now when he ends up in our bed he ends up sideways with limbs in our faces haha. Where is your new flat? Are you all settled?

  3. such a sweet photoshoot.
    we are huge proponents of cosleeping over here, i'm glad it works for your family. there is nothing better than getting to snuggle your dear baby all night long.


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