16 February 2012


Well hello there old friends !  We have been really busy this past month with moving into our new flat and all !  We are beyond happy to be where we are and feel we will be here for a while.

I haven't blogged for quite a while because of the move and one huge reason: my camera broke (oh no!)  Finally today though, we ventured out into the windy cold and purchased a new camera !

It was quite a busy day today.  Robert was gone for only four hours the entire day.  This is a huge blessing, because he is usually gone Monday-Saturday (Sunday is his only day off) from 9am-midnight.  So, lets just say we don't get to see very much of his face.  And boy, does it lead to missing him lots and lots.  Days like this, where he is home most of the day are very special and are always charished.

Elodie woke Robert and I up shortly after 7am.  We snuggled in bed together and then ventured into the living room where I made coffee and breakfast for the two of us.  Elodie snuggled against my breast and ate her own breakfast.  We all snuggled on the couch together before leaving and played with little Suebali for a while before leaving.

It was a great outing.  Although it was cold, we were happy to get out of the flat for a while and enjoy time outside together.  Elodie is usually pretty happy to be outside and view the world outside of our home.  And so, she had a great time as well.  She was awake for most of the time and had lots of fun seeing new things and experiencing new smells all around her !  She fell asleep on the way home from such stimulation and exhaustion !
I finished knitting my Owlet even !!!  I knit a slong sleeved version for next winter when she is a year old and loved it so much that I had to knit another !  I basically re-wrote the entire pattern so that it could fit Elodie and it fits perfectly !  It looks adorable with a long sleeved shirt underneath and keeps her super warm !

I also knit the Andrea's Shawl pattern out of some 100% bamboo yarn.  Oh MAN is this yarn lucious !!! I couldn't have made a better choice for this shawlette !  It reminds me of a down comforter; it will keeps you super warm in the winter, but is still so breathable that it will keep me nice and cool in the spring while still looking fashionable !  I will definitely be knitting more of these !  Thank you Nicole for the inspiration!!!
I even made a homemade apple pie !!! It has got to be my favorite pie and turns out amazing every single time !!!
We spend the rest of the day snuggling and spending quality time together.  It feels so amazing to be a family of three.  My husband is the most amazing man to me and we have the most wonderful baby for us.  I couldn't be happier nor could I feel more lucky than I am right now.


  1. LOVE the shawlette. So pretty. And of course Elodie is so cute with those big blue eyes. Now we need some pictures of your new flat!!

  2. Okay, first of all.. Welcome back! I can't wait to see pictures of your new home! Moving is always so much work, but so much fun once everything is settled. Second, Elodie looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU! When she was smaller I thought she looked a lot like Robert, but now all I see is you!
    Third, motherhood looks fabulous on you! I love the photo of you and her together. So sweet. Wish I could meet her :(

  3. Oh beautiful Elodie....She looks like your mom in the 3rd picture! What a cutie :) love the owlet and the pie is amazing!

  4. oh goodness - elodie is growing so quickly! she is completely adorable!

    i love the owl sweater - and yay on you for finding time to make a pie - you rock!


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