23 March 2012


We have had a fantastic couple of days of weather and have been loving it.  It's great for the obvious reasons: countless walks, going to parks, playing ping pong (we have a table right outside of our flat!), hanging out laundry-especially cloth diapers, the sun is amazing for stains (!!) vitamin D, etc etc.
Yesterday, because we missed Robert so much, we decided to meet with him for lunch !  The three of us went to a döner place across the street from where he works.  We sat outside to eat our food and enjoyed the amazing feeling of the warm sun on our faces.  It is so lovely that in March we are able to sit outside without wearing a jacket ! 
After having lunch with Robert, Elodie and I went for a loooooooooong walk !  It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't pass up spending more time outside with my sweet babe.  
I am looking forward to more weather and days like yesterday.  It makes for such a happy little babe and mama when you are able to spend lots of time outside.


  1. oh elodie... you have the most beautiful blue eyes, and a perfect round face. glad you got to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

  2. Hi molly!!! Im so happy to have found ur blog though a comment! Ur baby girl is super swet! Happy friday!!

  3. wow that first photo of you guys is absolutely gorgeous! what a darling blog and beautiful little family you have :)

  4. New Fan-- love your stuff! Love your blog! I'm half german--so I truly miss it!! :)

  5. you both have the most beautiful eyes!


  6. you two are just gorgeous- those eyes!


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